Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival Announces Successful Open Call Artists

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival Announces Successful Open Call Artists

As an integral part of this year’s coastal celebration of art an open call went out in the Spring  – artists were invited to respond to 2016’s creative theme of  ‘Visions and Voyages’.

Travelling Light is the lead commission by Ithaca, and will be a completely new work that can be seen on the Pergola in the Central Gardens every evening of the festival, 8th to the 15th of October. With motion-sensor flickering lights and a bespoke soundscape, this will be an immersive show of light and sound that will premier at the festival.  Supporting pieces Shipping Forecast by Pete Johnson and Colony by Hogarth Productions will also deliver multisensory experiences that invite audiences to touch, listen and interact.

The Open Call

The open call launched in April 2016. An online portal was set up inviting artists from across the UK to apply to create new or adapted works of art. The initiative was extremely popular and succeeded in attracting upwards of 50 high quality and detailed applications.

The Artistic Theme   –  ‘Visions and Voyages’

The Artists responded to this creative idea of Visions & Voyages and came back with some extraordinary interpretations.

Voyages are varied, but they all underpinned by the possibility of what lies ahead. These visions of possibility may be half-formed, but they are usually hopeful.  The seafront is a timeless symbol of both escape and adventure, and a passage to new lands, creatures and civilisations.

As people throughout time have journeyed across the oceans they have cast new frontiers, and through this, seeded nations. Some journeys are characterised by hedonistic discovery, a joyous release from the daily routine. The less fortunate may journey to reach freedom from danger, or poverty, in a steadfast pursuit of new lands – gravitating towards an unseen future.

And yet, even among humanity’s safest refuges, the voyage beckons. It beckons us out to the seas, up to the skies, and into the cosmos. Will this—the ultimate journey that is human exploration—ever end?

For more info on these fabulous successful commissions, please click on the links below:

Travelling Light by Ithaca 

Colony by Hogarth Productions

Shipping Forecast – Pete Johnson

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