All at Sea_Vessel_Dan Lowenstein 1

All at Sea by Acrojou

 “A storm in a tea cup, the cloud that we all carry, a boat-sized piece of a man’s inner ocean …”

For this year’s ABS, Acrojou- one of the UK’s leading independent circus and street arts companies, is presenting All At Sea. This is a brand new performance and interactive row-about in a bespoke boat structure. This unique piece is set to feature a spectacular, fully-functioning mobile storm, complete with thunder claps and lightning strikes emanating from the mast of the boat. The two performers are continuously soaked by rain pouring down from the clouds, while they valiantly row the boat through Bournemouth’s tempestuous gardens and seafront.

Ambitious, atmospheric and appealing to adults and children, All at Sea combines Acrojou’s typical mix of acrobatic prowess, dance, visual art, science and engineering.

Artistic Director – Jeni Barnard; Creative Director – Barney White


Sun 09 Oct 16, Town Square: 12:00 Pier Approach: 14:30


Town Square & Pier Approach