StoryPlaces at the BNSS present: In Conversation

StoryPlaces at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society present:

‘In Conversation’

Nature versus Culture: ‘Where is Natural History in the current cultural Landscape?’

In the 21st century, we seem to be more disconnected from nature than ever before, yet the popular interest in the natural world is vastly expanding.  From the ‘new nature’ books by authors such as Helen Macdonald and Robert Macfarlane which stack our stores, to the perennial news media interest in natural science stories, to the latest cute YouTube clip, we are paradoxically obsessed with a world we may be losing. Our panel, author, broadcaster and curator Philip Hoare  (Leviathan or, the Whale, and The Sea Inside); writer, birdwatcher and BBC radio producer Tim Dee; Mary Thornton and John Cresswell from the BNSS.

Discuss this fascinating meeting of human and natural history, as embodied by the wondrous and historic collection of curiosities in the Victorian home of Bournemouth Natural Science Society.


StoryPlaces @ Bournemouth Natural Science Society

‘In a quiet Bournemouth backstreet lays a hidden gem: a treasure cabinet of natural curiosities…’

The Bournemouth Natural Science Society occupies a substantial, towered Italian gothic Victorian house, built in Bournemouth in 1879. The premises are part-museum, part-laboratory, part-urban temple to learning. Its rooms are lined with wooden cases and chests whose many drawers contain butterflies, eggs, mineral specimens, fossils and archaeological remains in the tradition of nineteenth-century collectors such as General Pitt Rivers. The house and its contents, its histories and its characters, offer a remarkable new resource for literary interpretation.

The “in Conversation Panel” will be followed by authors of the StoryPlaces mobile stories talking about the challenges and opportunities of writing ‘for and within the place’. They will tell us how they created a collection of location-aware short stories inspired by the BNSS to be read on-the-go on your smartphone around Bournemouth Seafront, the town and Winter Gardens bringing the museum, its curiosities and collections to life outside.

StoryPlaces is a Leverhulme-funded interdisciplinary research project at the University of Southampton (English and Electronics & Computer Science) that explores the poetics of locative literature.

Wed 12 Oct 16, 14:30

Bournemouth Natural Science Society & Museum, 39 Christchurch Road, BH1 3NS