fringe ANIMYSTIC-3 Credit Paul Blakemore

Hessi the Elephant by Animystic Productions (Fringe)

Hessi the Elephant, by Animystic Productions

Dr Sticke is coming to town, and bringing a rather large attraction. She is the resident elephant expert at the University of Pachyderms, Rhinoceroses and Hippopotami, and she is coming to Bournemouth to educate everyone she can about the wonders of the elephant world. Come and learn a little about these incredible creatures, and make sure you’re ready for the test!

But there is an elephant in the room, and we have to deal with her! Dr Sticke wasn’t expecting to have to deal with an ACTUAL elephant, but now she has a new friend who is more than a bit of a handful. Come and meet Hessi, the playful, gentle giant as she explores the world and makes mischief, and Dr Sticke has to try to give her talks, keep Hessi under control, and sometimes simply to keep up.

Image by Paul Blakemore (


Sun 15 Oct 17, 13:00 and 16:00

Lower Gardens Bournemouth