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A Drop in the Sea (Fringe)

A Drop in the Sea
Plastic is a material that is used just about everywhere and has the illusionary quality of being ephemeral in its everydayness. However it has no natural life cycle once made it cannot be destroyed! It lives on way beyond our existence. We will all become plastic.

The exhibition aims to raise questions about the effects of our consumerism nature and its affect on the world and future generations. Perhaps allowing us to develop new strategies, ways of living to protect the planet, our home and visions of a new future.

Artist Rosemary Edwards will curate a series of work by a number of contemporary artists from around Europe. Artists that have expressed an interest so far include Maria Konstanse Bruun, photographer; Jayne Soakell, printmaker and Ineke Vanderwal, painter. The work based around these themes will provide a broad perspective of what is and what the future could be. This will include a range of work including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculptural and video work.


Thu 19 Oct 17 - Sun 22 Oct 17, 11am until 6pm each day except Thursday 19th Open 2pm until 9pm.


Hidden Space, 12 Wheaton Road, Bournemouth, BH7 6LJ