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Hydromania by Avanti Display

The longstanding show Hydromania is a family friendly performance with humble beginnings and an epic finale. It is designed to engage with the architecture of its location, combining a vibrant interplay of water and light, physical performance and music. With Bournemouth’s Town Hall set to be redeployed as an illuminated backdrop, this is a show that is different in every location. Utilising balconies, windows and the roof to deliver the performance, the takeover of the Town Hall will be a unique spectacle is not to be missed.

The performance starts from Avanti’s world-famous piece ‘The Spurting Man’, but also incorporates comic mime, live band, choreographed dance and watery effects. With no storyline or narrative, and a multi-sensory display of light and sound, this show will entertain all, from the smallest of children through to grownups.

This show is free and unticketed, and will be showing on the Saturday and Sunday night of the opening weekend at Arts by the Sea. Bring the whole family to enjoy this one-off reimagining of Bournemouth’s Town Hall!

Polite Warning: This show includes water effects, and there is a moderate risk of getting wet if you are watching it from the front. While this is not expected to involve a significant volume of water, you may wish to bring suitable clothing if you are planning on viewing the show from the front.

Sat 14 Oct 17 - Sun 15 Oct 17, 19:30


Bournemouth Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth BH2 6DY

Other Information

An accessible viewing area will be provided