L_VE Hangman by Mufti Games

An inspired take on an old classic: L_VE Hangman is a larger than life iteration of the traditional hangman game.

Venture to the town centre on opening day of the festival, and encounter a 3D version of this timeless pen and paper favourite, re-imagined as a macabre light-entertainment gameshow from the ’70s. The fate of the condemned is in your hands… can you guess the mystery words to win, or is the malevolent host going to get his way? Get it wrong and watch him swing! Pick a letter to play the highest-stakes spelling game in town.

With a catchy original soundtrack, tongue-in-cheek puppetry and awful dress sense, L_ve Hangman is wicked interactive fun for all ages. Mufti Games is an arts organization with attitude, reliably delivering first class family-friendly arts at festivals across the UK. After their brilliant Giant Battleships game that they brought to the beaches in 2015, much to the town’s delight, we can’t wait to welcome them once more to Bournemouth Arts by the Sea.

Weblink:  muftigames.com

Sat 08 Oct 16, 12:00, 13:00 & 15:15


Town Square