Landed by Two Destination Language

Wander down to Bournemouth’s town centre on opening day and make sure you grab the opportunity to experience the festival’s most intimate theatrical experience. The acclaimed theatre company Two Destination Language brings you Landed – a personal reflection of love, and love lost. Landed is also about the state of finding yourself back on your feet after having been in love. Where do you find yourself? Where has the madness of love taken you? How has life changed?

Join Two Destination Language in an intimate encounter which reveals the impact of things, people and places we love, as we glimpse what might have been, once was and is forever gone. Working with heartfelt memories of the loves that pass by, the loves that endure and those that still burn today, each experience inside Landed is a glimpse of hope and the extraordinary in human nature. Landed is a performance for one audience member at a time, in a specially constructed chamber. The experience lasts about 10 minutes, and there’s an installation to explore and contribute to afterwards.



Sat 08 Oct 16, 12:00 - 14:00 & 15:00 - 17.00


Town Square