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Luminous Flotilla by Kazimier





 a small fleet of ships or boats.

“a flotilla of cargo boats”



Early 18th century: from Spanish, diminutive of flota ‘fleet’.

‘Luminous Flotilla’ is set to transform the Bourne river embankment into a pulsating fleet of mesmerising lanterns. 30 bespoke, laser cut and miniaturised wooden boats will adorn the Lower Gardens on opening night along the river, in a novel vision of voyages.

This installation will be hand crafted by the critically acclaimed Kazimier Productions at the Invisible Wind Factory who have been busy impressing audiences and the Arts Council England with their unique immersive theatre performances and industrial-style installations.

The Kazimier is a Liverpool based performance art production company, creating unique experiences for audiences nationally and internationally. The group explore alternative realities and and fantasy worlds, combining music, immersive set-design and cutting-edge technology into unique installations and performances.

The Guardian described The Kazimier as ‘the spiritual home to a collective of creative mavericks staging son et lumiere costume parties, riotous sci-fi- themed theatrical “happenings” and inspired art installations.’


Website:  thekazimier.co.uk


Sat 08 Oct 16, 18:30 - 00:00


Lower Gardens, Bourne Ave, Bournemouth BH2 6DT