mad max warrors

Mad Max Mobiles (Fringe)

The Alternative Sports Club created the Mad Max Mobiles from collected scrap and junk and built them in their workshop ie their front room and garden. They are based on the Mad Max films and they were created for the Ferndown pram race to raise money for the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation. These Mad Max Mobiles will roam around Bournemouth seeking fuel and other road warriors in the wasteland known as; ‘The Gardens’…

The Alternative Sports Club was created as an all-inclusive club for anyone who think sports isn’t for them. The Sports Club is treated as if it was a playground, where you turn up and play regardless of age, ability or fitness. You don’t need expensive kit (we provide that) nor do you have to pay to play. Not only do we play the classic games such as hockey, but we have invented some of our own games – just to keep things interesting! We always play for fun, but that’s not to say a slight competitive edge wont  creep in!



Sun 15 Oct 17, 12.30pm , 3.30pm and 5pm

Lower Gardens, Bournemouth