main image 3 performers and wild costumes

Rewild by Livia Rita & Artists

‘Like Bjork on 3 tabs of LSD’
‘In Livia Rita’s voice one hears the slightly manic, genius reverberations of Kate Bush.’ Tagblatt

Rewild is Livia Rita’s forthcoming Art Album Rewild performed with most beautiful of emerging artists. It is an avant-garde combination of live music, stark writing, stylised movement, raw imagery and uncompromised costumes leading to an artistic explosion; a heartfelt natural drug trip.

The electronic music searches for a new edge of pop as wild, brutal sounds meet vulnerable melodies in adventurous ways. ‘It has been an illusion all the way. We can create a better illusion’.

Rewild attempts to give you license to become a designer of new realities; unashamed to go to extremes in the hope of discovering meaning, emotion and aliveness.

Developed at the Barbican & mentored by Lea Anderson and Lindsay Kemp (mentor of David Bowie).

Tue 17 Oct 17, 20:00

£12.00 adult £10.00 concessions

Shelley Theatre, Beechwood Ave, Bournemouth BH5 1LX