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Save Our Seas: Message in a Bottle by Lulu Quinn

Save Our Seas aims to create aesthetically powerful art to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in our seas and to spark positive changes in consumer habits.

‘Message in a Bottle’ is an 8-metre-long blue bottle made from recycled bottles washed up on the beach. It lies on the sand creating a focus that summarises the need to rethink the use of plastic in the everyday.

If 10% of all manufacturing plastic ends up in the sea as floating plastic soup, how do we feel about that? How can we change the way we use plastic? How do we change the mindset of convenience and disposable waste? This sculpture provides an opportunity for the public to make their mark and comment on the issues of plastic pollution, in the sea and on land.

The tradition of writing messages and putting them into bottles has held the public imagination for generations. Many messages express visions of hope or warnings and cries for help. The public will be welcome to join the artist in writing messages and putting them in plastic bottles to form the outer skin of the sculpture.

There will be two open days on the 14 and 15 October when the public can work with the artist from 10:00 – 18:00 hrs on making their voices visible. The messages will form a large choir of views and concerns that can be easily read by visitors to the sculpture. The personal messages will build the sculpture in one large structure that highlights the everyday and transforms it into a beacon of light at night.

Arts by the Sea would like to thank Bournemouth University, Coastal Bid, Tesco’s and Wessex Water whose financial support made this project possible.

This installation has now been dismantled for health and safety reasons due to the expected rising tide over the next few days.

Sat 14 Oct 17 - Sun 15 Oct 17, Installation runs throughout the day and evening


Bournemouth Seafront, East Cliff, Bournemouth

Other Information

Join the artist Lulu Quinn throughout the opening weekend and write your own ‘Message in a Bottle’.