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The Ball by Wet Picnic

Do you like the sound of a completely immersive, decadent ballroom experience, right by the seafront in Bournemouth?

The Ball is a large theatre production by the quirky assortment of characters at the critically acclaimed and reliably leftfield Wet Picnic. The Ball is set around a giant dance floor which transforms into a human chess board. Ideally situated at the Waterfront Arena, the audience will be placed around three sides of the performance space. At the head of the dance floor is a long table, where the family dine. YOU, the audience can choose to begin here or meet one of the performers who start in different parts of the town. Together you will prepare for the ball, and form part of a guests entourage, proceed to the space and present yourselves to the family.

Expect moving chandeliers, eccentric choreography and joyfully disruptive performances that will draw you into a cinematic theatrical experience. More info on how to get involved will be announced soon: watch this space.

Commissioned by Stockton, Appetite (Stoke) and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

Fri 14 Oct 16, 20:00


Bournemouth Sea Front, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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