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The Dark Room by John Robertson

You awake to find yourself in a Dark Room! You, the audience must choose an option. Will you: A) Find the Light Switch? B) Cry for Help? C) Go North?

Come and play the world’s first live-action text-based adventure game! It’s a choose-your-own-adventure! So choose it!

The Dark Room blurs the lines between comedy and game show and is enjoyed by gamers, non-gamers, teens and parents. The audience can play as contestants and the rules are simple.

1 – Options appear on the screen.
2 – Audience calls out the option they want.
3 – You’re either right, or dead.
4 – In the end, everybody plays!

Originally an interactive YouTube game, the Dark Room went viral and attracted more than 4 million views. Comedian John Robertson then transformed the game into a live show and so far has enjoyed global sell out shows.

‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ – The Guardian

‘One of the funniest sights around, don’t miss it’- Daily Telegraph

*****‘You have to see the Dark Room as least once in your life’ – The Sun

*****‘You must see this show’ – British Comedy Guide

**** ‘Great fun, nostalgic, but also a fresh angle for comedy’- Den of Geek


Thu 19 Oct 17, 20:00

Shelley Theatre, Beechwood Avenue Bournemouth

Other Information

Age guidance 15 yrs+