Pif Paf

The Flycycle ; The Submercycle by Pif Paf


Come away on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard these famous traveling machines, The Submercycle and The Flycycle!  A completely free activity ideal for families, the Flycycle and Submercycle are embellished cycles that will embark and disembark at a town centre location yet to be announced.

Choose a traveling companion, find the Departure Lounge and let the activities of well-trained leaders take care of the rest. The cycles take two children at a time who get in character with fancy dress and props. With Captain Bigshot, they’ll fly up up and away, crossing continents in turbulent adventures, or diving under the sea with Captain Calypso, encountering denizens of the deep. Under the sea or high in the sky, all ages are welcome. 

The Submercycle and The Flycycle is produced by Pif Paf – a genre-bending theatre company creating top notch performance and sculpture, and taking it to the places it doesn’t normally reach.

Weblink:  pif-paf.co.uk

Sat 08 Oct 16, 12:00, 13:30 & 15:30


Town Square