TOM Talks: Tomorrow’s Oceans Matter

TOM Talks: Tomorrow’s Oceans Matter

Can art help turn the tide of our dependency on plastics? Can we do something useful, beautiful, striking, or powerful with the estimated 5.23 trillion pieces of plastic already floating and sinking their way around our ocean? Flotsam Artist Joanna Atherton and special guests explore the ocean as a resource and source of endless creative inspiration. Along the way, they discover the roles art and artists play in the fight to prevent more plastic waste ending up in the ocean, inspiring us all to look at the source of the problem and each make small changes for a big impact. Examples of striking, ocean-inspired work will be displayed, and the artists will be available to chat with event-goers during the interval.

The Litter Free Coast and Sea Association and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea festival join hands to produce a series of free talks.

 (Join us at 13:30 for the #pledge4plastics world record attempt!)



Jo Atherton

All of the materials Jo Atherton uses in her work have been gathered on the UK coastline. She is primarily interested in plastics, working with those innocuous everyday objects which are all too easily  discarded.  Jo creates vibrant tapestries and detailed prints, the composition of which mimic the microscopic marine world seen by those researching the effects of microplastics in our fragile oceans. They bring into focus human impacts at both a miniscule and planetary level. Her artwork has been toured internationally showing the scale of the litter problem and her ingenuity when repurposing materials to tell stories of our time.

Mary Flynn

Salvaging and recycling are central to Mary Flynn’s practice. A compulsive collector she gathers objects, often from the shore. Focusing on items with hidden stories and which evidence the effects of time and the elements Mary photographs and archives these objects. The collections provide the material to create new work that often retains echoes of their former existence and tells a new story.

Lal Hitchcock

Lal’s work sets out to find humour in the everyday object, and beauty in the ambiguity of things that have spent a long time in the sea. It’s also about waste. On her trawls of Chesil Beach, she’s found everything from dumped freezers to dead dogs, and a whole lot of tar and aerosol cans in between. Random objects, such as combs, toilet brushes, plastic bottles and dummies, supply the starting point for each piece of work, which usually turns out to be figurative, with a narrative element.

Lisa Woollett

Lisa grew up by the sea, in a house on cliffs on the Isle of Sheppey, at the mouth of the Thames. One grandfather was a mast maker from the Island and the other from an Elephant and Castle family in the ‘scavenging professions’. As a child she spent a lot of time at the beach and out on the mudflats: swimming, riding, cockling and searching for – among other things – fossils, shark’s teeth and old bottles, and now lives in Cornwall with her family. Her first book Sea and Shore Cornwall was conceived partly as an excuse to spend as much time as possible by the sea – and took shape as she began researching the curious things she picked up along the shore. Lisa does the writing, photography and design for the books and her second, Sea Journal, is out now.




Alongside the Litter Free Coast and Sea artists, the #Pledge4Plastics team will be entertaining and educating! Come along and help set a new world record, and find out more about what happens to your recycling, where it goes and the functional and beautiful products that it can be made into.


Help us set a new world record!

How many keepy-uppies can you do with a 2 litre fizzy drinks bottle? The #Pledge4Plastics team will be hosting a world record attempt in the Pavillon Dance Theatre foyer during the afternoon and you’re invited! You will have one minute to do as many keepy-uppies as you can! There are some great prizes and give-aways.


John Twitchen – #Pledge4Plastics

Local resident and environmental communications expert, John will introduce the next speakers and provide an overview of the summer 2016 campaign.


Andrew Turner – Viridor

Ever wondered what happens to all the plastic bottles and other materials you put in your Big Bin for recycling? Andrew will explain how they get sorted, ready to be made into new products from food packaging to car parts.


Steve Morgan – RECOUP

RECOUP are a leading authority on plastics resource management and recycling. A charity and member based organisation RECOUP has supporters and members from all areas of the plastic packaging supply and recycling including brands, retailers and Local Authorities. Steve will explain why it’s important to get materials back to use again – the circular economy explained!


Rob Webbon – Grn Sportswear

High-quality sports shirts made from recycled plastic bottles? Cycling shorts made from old fishing nets? Yes, you read that correctly! Grn Sportswear founder, Rob will explain how they are transformed into valuable, beautiful products.

Sat 15 Oct 16, 13:30-17:30

FREE - Click here for tickets.

Pavilion Dance, Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU