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Wheelhouse by Acrojou

“A story, partly comedy but also so touching that it has moved audiences to tears.” – The Times

A ‘tender, post-apocalyptic love story’, The Wheel House is a unique, rolling acrobatic-theatre show, which unfolds inside and around a stunning circular home as it travels with the audience walking alongside.

An enchanting story set in a gently comic dystopian future at a time where survival relies on sharp eyes, quick hands, and above all, friendship. Join these traveller-gatherers on the road to nowhere: treading lightly, enduring quietly, and always, always moving onwards.

Stunning design and theatrical acrobatics, housed in an exquisite, hand-built rolling theatre set. The Wheel House is Acrojou’s flagship show; a performance that has captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the world.

Acrojou will also be conducting interactive  workshops during the festival – updates online and via social media .

Venue change: the 14:30 performance of Wheel House by Acrojou has been changed from the Lower Gardens to the seafront. Keep your eyes peeled on the promenade. 

Sat 08 Oct 16, Lower Gardens: 14:30, Pier Approach: 16:40

Lower Gardens & Pier Approach