Hydromania by Avanti Display - A family-friendly performance for 2017 with humble beginnings and an epic finale, combining a vibrant interplay of water and light, physical performance and music against an illuminated backdrop of the town hall

Davy Jone, The Deep Sea Fish - Davy Jones, a deep-sea fish on a trike, has come straight from the deep to flounder through the streets and gardens of Bournemouth; literally and metaphorically a fish out of water. He speaks of the mysteries of the seas in the form of music and bubbles, squirting water at passers-by and playing Deep Sea Radio through his gills

Morgan & West – Time-Travelling Magicians - Magic, wit and whimsy for 2017 – where there are boards to be trodden, crowds to be wowed or tea to be drunk, Morgan & West will be there with miracles in tow

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum - 2016 Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum open day

Dr Kronovators Fire Laboratory by Emergency Exit Arts - Help assist Dr. Kronovator by preparing experiments on the workbench and get involved with operating his fire effects. Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory is a visual installation and performance piece that gives audience members the opportunity to get close, feel the heat and interact with ingenious effects. Or, just stand back and enjoy a vista of fire!  

Witness This presented by Company Chameleon - Turning the spotlight on mental health for 2017 – this powerful and deeply personal piece tells the story of choreographer, Kevin Edward Turner, following his journey and struggle with Bipolar disorder

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival returns Saturday 14th – Saturday 21st October 2017.

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