2020 Highlights

2020 Artistic Concept: Journeys
Arts by the Sea 2019 asks: Where have we come from and where are we going next?

Journeys are both physical and metaphorical in nature; a lifetime constitutes a journey, and indeed so are the challenges that require you to go the distance. The human experience is defined by the very concept of journeys, from physical expeditions to destinations unknown, through to the personal transformations that accompany lived experiences and relationships.

Contemporary civilisations have become more transient, mobile and well-travelled, introducing the globalisation of new cultures, opportunities and a wider view of human expression and diversity. However, as many people journey from lands of conflict in search of a better life, we are reminded that too many journeys are symptomatic of deep social problems, to which we are yet to find an answer.

And yet, humans are still yearning to journey further. NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission is set to pave the way for an astonishing journey to a place farther away than we have ever been before.