2022 Theme


In 2020 a survey was conducted by the United Nations, asking children what they would change to make themselves happier. They said, to have more time and space to play. We agree with this wise statement wholeheartedly. After a tumultuous, and yet caged, 2 years, we are throwing our doors open to a range of music, dance, theatre, installations and spectacles that explore PLAY in all its forms.

In PLAY, the act is more important than the outcome; we lose both ourselves and our sense of time. Arts By The Sea 2022 is permission to rediscover the profound nature of what we all know as children, that PLAY is the best thing we can do for our brains, for our bodies, and for each other. To shake off the seriousness of what has been and dive headlong into singalongs, disco lights, and gathering together, to laugh, to dance, and to lose oneself.

The weekend of the 30th September – 2nd October will see the centre of Bournemouth taken over by artists exploring and interpreting the theme of PLAY and it is an invitation for everyone, from 9 months old to 90, to come and PLAY.

This is art at its best, to be lost in, to admire, to ignite a mischievous spark, to have fun with, and most importantly to PLAY with.

2022 Artwork by Marcus Method

Marcus Method is a visual artist based in Sheffield and is also the artist responsible for designing the festival’s 2022 PLAY artwork. Through these graphics, guests will be able to spot Marcus’s unique style, born from his graffiti roots and heavily influenced by the design theories he learned when working as an architectural technologist. Over the years this idea has been expanded upon and continues to evolve as he explores his bold, recognisable and colourful style.