Introducing the third of our talented Trainee Producers, Lily Halsey

Hi my names Lily, I’m 18 and from Christchurch in Dorset. I have just completed a 2-year apprenticeship specialised in events. I really enjoy getting creative and meeting like-minded people who are just as interested in the festival industry as I am. This is one of the main reasons why I applied for the Arts by the Sea’s Trainee producer scheme run in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts.

I feel inspired by artists who use their work to promote ocean conservation and sustainability such as Panthalassa. One of my favourite installations created by them is “Plastic Family”. Its aim is to make visible the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean every day. “If the sea could see us, it would see us as plastic beings.” I feel like this message is very suited to Arts by the Sea because they work closely with the beach and artists that use their work to promote a change.

I am hoping to gain some hands on experience from the Scheme and the opportunity to work with people with similar ambitions and a different background in the industry. I have really enjoyed having guest speakers onto our zoom sessions, it gives us the opportunity to connect with new people and develop our knowledge on the different parts that build up an event. I am really looking forward to being able to meet everyone in person! And develop our ideas further to see what we can create. My Best highlight of the scheme so far was the session on budgeting. We had a guest speaker, Stephanie Yamson, who immediately made something that could have been confusing, so easy to understand. She incorporated a quiz into her presentation, this let us all get our competitive side out and have fun whilst learning about a key element of making up a festival.

I think that Arts by the Sea festival is fantastic, it brings the communities together in such a creative way. It also supports artists from the local community to get involved as well as bringing worldwide artists to explore our local town. Every year is just as exciting as the next for the whole local area. In the future I aspire to work with music festivals such as Glastonbury, to help make the best festival yet!

Stay tuned as we introduce two more of our Trainee Producers and document their artistic journey throughout the scheme run by Arts by the Sea and Emergency Exit Arts