Talking Distance Podcast Series by Timo Peach

Music maker, writer, designer and performer, Timo Peach, heads up the Talking Distance podcast series for Arts by the Sea. Via our website, listen to him chatting with eight other fellow creatives from across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, as they take us to the routes and places that helped to shape their creative journeys.

In each podcast, Timo takes a different creative maker to a distinctive local location – a waypoint, special to them on their creative journey. You’ll hear candid stories on how these artists help us all to make sense of the world and the places that help to define us – especially in times of crisis. Where do they find themselves after such a globally strange summer? And where do they see themselves going? Each 40-minute ‘walk of art’ explores something of what creativity has meant to them, their business, their wellbeing and the making of their place here.

Timo is the bloke from creative music project Momo:tempo, currently finishing its third album, and the voice of research podcast, Unsee The Future. Say hello to him at: momotempo.co.uk

28.09.20 | Day 1 | Talking Distance with Lorna Rees | 11am

Timo meets the co-founder of Gobbledegook Theatre, artist, writer, musician, performer, producer and maker who’s love of creating work for the outside is part of: “making democratic spaces”. All designed with: “the power of disruption and joy.”

29.09.20 | Day 2 | Talking Distance with Natasha PLayer | 11am

Timo the meets changemaker, dancer, producer, arts manager and founder member of Umoja Arts Network. A performer for whom art is naturally a means to make connections between people and spaces, communities and places, Natasha’s work champions: “Seeing a reflection of oneself’.

30.09.20 | Day 3 | Talking Distance with Peter John Cooper | 11am

Timo meets a poet, playwright and producer with over forty years of work published and performed – who is, he says: “Drawn to the edges”. Known for his experimental work, Peter describes poetry as: “a form of madness. It makes us say things we didn’t know we wanted to say.”

01.10.20 | Day 4 | Talking Distance with George Okoye | 11am

Timo meets the designer, illustrator and co-founder of Ages Apparel fashion brand, and talks indie creative life, artistic re-invention and making with purpose. “As children, if we don’t like the rules of a game we change them; as adults we can end up following rules and being crippled by them.”

02.10.20 | Day 5 | Talking Distance with Michele O'Brien | 11am

Timo meets the storyteller, character actor, educator and writer whose sense of history brings art to the widest possible range of ages. From Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre’s moving explorations of local heritage to Granny Cousins’ Ghost Walks, the pair discuss roots shape futures.

03.10.20 | Day 6 | Talking Distance with Rick Also | 11am

Timo meets the graffiti artist and designer making surprisingly legal marks all across the town. Co- founder of Paintshop Studio and creator of the Upside Gallery in Bournemouth central gardens, Ricky says: “The thing that excites me is changing the environment.”

04.10.20 | Day 7 | Talking Distance with Tor Da Force | 11am

Timo meets the multi-genre DJ: “changing the world with music, glitter, hard work and dreams”. Co-founder of We Broke Free music promotors and events makers, and female DJ collective Frau DJs, Tor Da Force knows where to find the very best Tequila Sunrises from Bomo beach.

05.10.20 | Day 8 | Talking Distance with Nawar Saadi | 11am

Timo meets the poet and founder of Union In Speech who is: “passionate about people expressing themselves in words and getting heard.” Nawar chats about how a new context, environmentally and culturally, moving to the area from London has given her words new clarity.