The journey continues…An update from our Trainee Producer, Lily Halsey

Hi, I’m so excited to share with you an update on the trainee producer scheme, which has been such an amazing opportunity for everyone involved. Since my last blog, I have learnt so many new skills. These include knowing how to communicate and liaise with not just artists but also people in your team that you need to work with and create a strong bond with. I have also learnt more about how important research into each element of our idea is such as resource lists, budget plans, the idea itself. I feel like my confidence has grown a lot since the scheme started and I am presenting my thoughts and ideas more to the tutors and other trainees, this has really helped during the meetings we have but also in real-life situations.

My Favourite topic so far has been either budgeting or learning about communication, I really enjoy having Guest speakers on our zoom calls and hearing about their personal experiences over the years. We recently had a zoom with the founder of Breakin Convention, Jonzi D who gave us so many insights and information about the industry and what to look for in hiring and delegating people, which we found really relevant for the next stage of our project. We have recently split into two teams to start focusing on our separate ideas. However, we are still in communication with everyone across the scheme sharing ideas and updates within the two groups. I feel like all of the trainees are just as excited as me to be able to make our ideas a reality and finally meet in person when we can! 

Stay tuned as we document Lola’s experience through our Trainee Producers Scheme run by Arts by the Sea and Emergency Exit Arts