The journey continues…An update from our Trainee Producer, Tom Wijesinghe

Hi! I am pleased to be part of the Arts By The Sea Trainee Producers Scheme in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts and I am grateful for the chance to update you all on the project so far. Right now we are at a very exciting stage. We are beginning to think about how to trial one of the pieces on a smaller scale to test how it would work. This would involve some careful planning and assessment measures to ensure that we are making the most out of this opportunity (i.e. the opportunity to test out our idea). We need to be sure to work together intelligently to create this small-scale model, implement it, and assess its effectiveness and any issues we may encounter effectively. 

It is important to us that the piece is informed by and directed by the communities it is placing itself among. We are currently in the process of distributing a survey across community networks based across BCP to draw information from for the piece. Here’s a link to it if you would like to fill it in yourself:

This week we had a guest talk from Adam Finley from NOVAK, a creative studio specialising in immersive installations. Adam spoke to us about Dr Blighty, an ambitious piece that was projection-mapped onto the Brighton Pavilion for the 2016 Brighton Festival. Projection mapping is something that the group of trainee producers here are all very keen to include in the Arts By The Sea festival this year and NOVAK will be at Arts By The Sea this year too. Speaking with Adam helped us to pick his brains about the specific logistic requirements of work like this.

I feel like I have been able to develop my planning and organisational skills at this stage of the project. Taking minutes for independently arranged meetings and finding creative ways to distribute our research survey have been new challenges for me that I have enjoyed taking on. I’m excited for the next stage to get going soon!