Arts by the Sea Festival

Arts by the Sea recognises the natural beauty of Bournemouth and the work already taking place to safeguard the natural environment in our local area. We aim to build on this, becoming more sustainable, reducing our own environmental impact and using our experience to encourage other organisations to do the same. We’ll use our programming to raise awareness of global environmental issues and support green projects and partners, helping artists, residents, businesses and visitors become more environmentally friendly too. We also pledge to show our support for farmers and producers in developing countries by promoting Bournemouth’s Fairtrade Town status.

The Arts by the Sea festival is committed to reducing its own environmental impact and to leave no trace. We have an Environmental Policy and Action Plan in place to help us do this, and Green Riders for our Artists and Venues to help them do the same.

Arts by the Sea Environmental policyArts by the Sea Environmental action planGreen Rider – VenueGreen Rider – Artist

We’d love you to travel to the festival as sustainably as possible. Cycle to the festival and you can get your bike MOT’d for FREE by Dr Bike in the Green Hub. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 12:00 – 17:00. Otherwise, take a look at the special offers provided by our Travel Partner Yellow Buses and come to the festival by bus. Or if you do have to use the car, bring some friends and carshare!

In 2019 we’re working with our Gold Sponsor BU who are bringing the immersive sound installation Sonification of Tipping Points to our Green Hub.

Sonification of Tipping Points
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September, Lower Gardens, 12:00 – 18:00. Experience a natural Dorset soundscape in this immersive audio experience, expressing scientific research through art. This installation provides an insight into new ecological research into ‘tipping points’ and an intimate opportunity to connect with nature.

Come along and take part in a Beach Clean with Litter Free Coast and Sea.
Saturday 28th September, 11:00, meet in Pier Approach by the Litter Free Coast and Sea flag.

It is BCP Council’s ambition for the town to be recognised as a green economy leader and a place where green growth can flourish. Bournemouth is recognised as a Fair Trade Town, a Sustainable Food City and is the world’s first Sustainable Fish City. The conurbation has nineteen Green Flag Awards for its Parks and Gardens, eight Blue Flag Awards for its beaches and a Site of Special Scientific Interest amongst its nature reserves in Hengistbury Head.

BCP Council’s Parks Department have a herd of 10 goats grazing on the cliff to the east of Boscombe Pier. They help control the non-native plants which are taking over at the expense of the natural heath and grassland habitats and associated wildlife. Click here for more information.

There are also around 60 cattle. These are located at Stour Valley on the North West edge of Bournemouth. Click here for more information.

Bournemouth is the World’s First Sustainable Fish City. So many businesses and organisations have signed pledges to ensure only sustainably sourced fish will be used in any of their activities that we’ve now generated over 4 million sustainable fish meals a year. Click here for more information.

Arts by the Sea would like to work with green partners. If your organisation is doing something environmentally friendly and you’d like to get involved with the festival, please get in touch.

The Bournemouth Seafront team have been working since early 2018 with their suppliers to ensure that wherever possible all single use items, such as coffee cups, stirrers and straws are now either fully recyclable or fully compostable. This means that since the spring, all 330,000 coffee cups and the majority of other takeaway packaging has been much more environmentally friendly in line with the Leave Only Footprints campaign. Most seafront catering sites, plus all of the seafront taps, are all now part of the Dorset Refill scheme and identifiable via the app.

Yellow Buses are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their operations.

From 1 May 2017, six new double-deckers, described as the most environmentally friendly diesel vehicles on the road, went into service. The British-built Alexander Dennis MMC (Major Model Change) E400 vehicles have ultra-low carbon Euro 6 engines and the latest stop-start technology, which along with their lighter weight helps to reduce emissions, noise and fuel usage.

In 2018 Yellow Buses celebrated the tenth anniversary of its innovative Carbon Stoppers scheme. Since 2008 the bus company has held a ‘Thank You Thursday’ each week when every trip taken by passengers on the day contributes to a Community Chest, with Yellow Buses pledging a minimum donation of £50 a week. The scheme began as a way of encouraging people to cut down on their carbon footprint by catching the bus, but has ended up raising more than £30,000 for 80 local charities and good causes.

Leave only Footprints Infographic
Recycling is tricky in the town centre as bins often become contaminated by unrecyclable waste. In 2018, Bournemouth Council’s Seafront team introduced 200 new bins along the prom with clearly marked Recycling and General Waste labels. Please recycle here, or do your bit by taking your waste with you and recycling at home. Find out more information here.
We’ve partnered with Litter Free Coast and Sea to promote their amazing Refill scheme. We’re asking friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses to welcome you in to refill your water bottle with good old tap water – for free! Simply look for the eye-catching sticker and ask in store. If your business would like to partake in the scheme, go to Litter Free Coast & Sea website here. We’re also promoting Refill-Here’s scheme to reduce the waste from takeaway paper cups for hot drinks. As a customer, you can receive discounts and special offers at businesses that support this campaign – go to their website for more information.
Sustainable travel
We’d love you to travel to the festival as sustainably as possible. Our local bus companies are Yellow Buses and Morebus. You can also car share find out here or better yet, cycle to the festival. We’ve marked all the cycle parking in the town centre and near festival venues on our map above – click on the cycle symbol to find out how many bike stands are at each location.
We’d love you to travel to the festival as sustainably as possible. Our local bus companies are Yellow Buses and Morebus. You can also car share find out here or better yet, cycle to the festival. We’ve marked all the cycle parking in the town centre and near festival venues on our map below – click on the cycle symbol to find out how many bike stands are at each location.
Fairtrade Fortnight
Bournemouth is proud to be a Fairtrade Town. This means that the town’s businesses, schools, communities, faith groups and Bournemouth Council supports Fairtrade and the good that it does worldwide. Many farmers and workers who grow our food aren’t being paid fairly and this has a direct impact on their lives, leaving them unable to feed their families, afford medical care and schooling for their children, and invest in better farming.
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Repair Cafe
Repair Cafés are free meeting places and they’re all about repairing things (together). Bournemouth hosts its own Repair Café and there are over thousand Repair Cafés worldwide. Take a look at their website for more information.
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Count on me
Count On Me is a community campaign designed to bring the people of Bournemouth together in a collective way of counting carbon to show that we care, and that we can make a difference.
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Dorset Scrap Store
Dorset Scrapstore is a charity that believes in a world where manufacturing waste doesn’t go to landfill – it becomes a low cost community resource for crafting and creativity.
They have an ever-changing supply of clean, safe and often random making materials that are kindly donated by local businesses.
Scrap is charged at £7 per bin bag and £4 for a small bag. There is also have a shop selling arts and crafts materials at very competitive prices (glue, paint, clay, fabrics etc.)
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Sustainable Dorset
Aim to raise awareness and so increase interest and involvement in sustainability. Connect people and communities, supporting individual well-being, community enterprises and businesses in order to nurture resilience.
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Dorset Devils
Dorset Devils are a community of residents who love where they live but dislike litter so they take positive steps to do something about it. The group totals 230+ volunteers within Bournemouth and beyond with an age range of 4 to 84. They look after their own patch, whenever they are free to do so and sometimes come together as TeamDD.
Bournemouth beach is very special to them and they try to gather as much litter and prevent it from entering our sea, especially plastics including children’s beach toys. With their activities, they hope to raise litter awareness.
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