The journey continues…An update from our Trainee Producer, Lola Panton

Hello all.

I am writing this update having had the first artist brief for our group be sent out! We have been working on refining our idea recently and putting together an artist brief for model makers as we look to get a moveable model built. It has been so interesting to see our idea take shape as we draw on everyone’s different knowledge and experience within the group. From deciding on the initial idea to now, it has developed through our research, individual expertise and of course, our budget.

Producing something specifically for an outdoor environment has definitely thrown up some challenges and things to think about as we progress and learn. From where the audience will be placed to how accessible it is, there are constantly new questions which we need to ask ourselves. This has pushed me to try and consider as many aspects as possible and try to start planning for the unexpected so we can try to be as prepared as we can.

I have found this whole experience so exciting and thought provoking. There are so many elements involved and everyone who has come to do talks for us has been able to give us really in depth knowledge on their topics. I found the session we had on accessibility really insightful as I learned so much about the terminology we use and just how important it really is. It has also made me consider how we can incorporate accessibility all the way through our planning to ensure it doesn’t become an afterthought and potentially exclude groups of people.

An aspect I have really enjoyed learning about is how to put together an artist brief. I have found out what needs to be included, the best ways to format this and that it should be clear and concise whilst also showing what your vision for the project is. It is a fine balance to find! This has been the first time I have been involved in brief writing and I hope that I can use this knowledge to assist with our brief for performers.

I have found this experience so valuable as it is not only giving me new skills and knowledge, but is pushing me to apply this in real life and come together within our group to produce our work. The tutors have also been amazing at organising extra workshops and opportunities for us to keep expanding our learning and grow as producers. I am really looking forward to connecting with artists and beginning to work with them to bring our idea to life. It will be so interesting to talk and learn from them and see what we can make happen.

As strange as it feels to say at this point in the process, I am also really looking forward to meeting the other Trainee Producers in person for the first time. Whilst Zoom has been such an amazing resource to be able to engage with everyone through restrictions, and I’m sure will still be used throughout our planning, I am looking forward to being able to connect with everyone in real life. It is sure to feel very different but will be an exciting step forward towards producing live work together.

If you want a sneak peek at what could be coming to the festival, check out our first artist brief to go live! And whilst I don’t want to give too much away too soon, you might be able to get a first look of the piece before Arts by the Sea Festival…

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